Linking industry and investors for the sustainable development of agribusinesses in the Global South

About Bluegrass Partners

Partnering with family offices and backed by Alltech, a leading global animal health and nutrition company, Bluegrass Partners was established to support sustainable investment in the agribusiness industry to provide the food requirements of a projected 9 billion global population by 2050.

With chronic underinvestment and inefficiencies within the food supply chain in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, Bluegrass focuses on assisting companies with a footprint in these regions to promote equitable and sustainable growth.

Bluegrass uses frameworks and methodologies developed with the UN, FAO and OECD when approaching work with its clients in the following business lines:


Operational and strategic consultancy for agribusinesses throughout the food supply chain
(Production, Processing, Logistics and Retail)


M&A advisory for agribusinesses and investment funds looking to expand, merge, divest


A private equity/credit business focused on the issuance of sustainability-linked loans in small and mid-cap agribusiness markets in Africa and Asia

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